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iPhone 5 Offically Launched


The big news at iPhone casinos recently was the introduction by Apple of the new iPhone 5. Gamblers are now using the newest iPhone to play their favorite online casino games. How does the new iPhone 5 compare to the previous iPhones and how does the new phone compare to the Samsung Galaxy S III?


The first thing that gamblers will notice about the iPhone 5 is that the screen is bigger. And it is about time. Apple made a major mistake in the beginning with such a small screen and they finally have started to remedy the problem. The iPhone 5 is now 4 inches instead of the 3.5. It is much better although still not good enough as the new Nokia Lumia 920 has a 4.5 inch screen.


Gamblers will also notice that the new iPhone 5 is faster than previous iPhones. The phone has Apple’s new A6 chip which Apple claims is twice as fast as the processor in the iPhone 4S. If that is the case then Apple has been way behind the curve and is now finally starting to get on the ball. No wonder the Samsung Galaxy S III has been so popular.


When gamblers play at iPhone casinos the main considerations are speed and ease of use. The iPhone 5 looks to be a definite upgrade and is long overdue. It should make wagering at the online casino much easier and much faster.

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