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Security at iPhone Casinos


It used to be that you didn’t even think about security when using your iPhone but that changed recently when a number of iPhone and iPad users had their devices locked by a hacker. It brought security into focus for those who use their iPhone or iPad. What can you do to protect your mobile device when using it on an everyday basis to make purchases, surf the Internet or play at iPhone casinos?


The first thing you can do is to use the two-step verification process for your Apple ID. This means that Apple will make it so that two things have to be done before you make a purchase. Apple will text you a code anytime that you sign into your Apple account to make a purchase. This way there is no remote access to your device from a hacker since they would have to have both your password and your device in hand.


To change your Apple ID security go to the Apple ID site and choose Manage your Apple ID and then click password and security. In addition to setting up two-step verification you can also get a Recovery Key that allows you to access your account if you lose access to your iPhone.


Most people don’t give security a second thought when using their iPhone but with recent hackers causing trouble for iPhone users that should start to change.


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